Why MOBIbucks?

Why MOBIbucks for Financial Institutions?

The FIRST Central Bank Sanctioned All Digital Bank Based Mobile Payments System

The FIRST central bank sanctioned all-digital bank-based mobile payments system

Only MOBIbucks can enable you to prosper in the new, mobile economy by providing a new payment type to enable creation of value-added services for your existing customers and a new offering to attract the entire population with a mobile phone number.

The MOBIbucks platform enables your firm to: 

Grow Revenues and
Increase Customer Loyalty

    • Convert cash payments to digital transactions
    • Create dozens of new revenue opportunities
    • Reach the entire (including banked) population of your market

Customer Relationships

    • Create stronger customer bonds with digitized cash and loyalty programs
    • Monitor and deliver customer-specific services
    • Quickly develop new products to compete in the marketplace



    • Increase cash deposits
    • Leverage cash deposits into fee-generating activities
    • Increase payment transactions



Comparing MOBIbucks to alternatives:

MOBIbucks Cash Credit Cards PayPal
Financial Institutions and Other Organizations
First central bank approved, all-digital currency Yes
Access the entire population (anyone with a mobile phone number) Yes Yes
Greater immediate revenue opportunities Yes
Leverage existing core systems/other infrastructure Yes
Integrated digital payment with digital marketing/loyalty programs Yes
Lower account risk exposure Yes
Opportunity for lower merchant transaction costs Yes Yes
Ease of existing or new Point-Of-Sale integration Yes
Ease of sending mass payments Yes Yes