Who is MOBIbucks?

MOBIbucks Free Zone LLC partners with financial institutions and others to enable anyone to use their money without needing cash or cards.

MOBIbucks is your money from your bank.  Without the cash.  Without the cards.  And without the wallet.


What We Do

MOBIbucks is the next step in the evolution of money.™ 

We partner with financial institutions and others to enable consumers to use their money without needing cash or cards.  Along with our partners, we provide safe, simple and secure financial services and cash-less transactions for anyone with a mobile phone number.

For Financial Institutions, MOBIbucks drives value by creating your secure cloud-based solution which leverages your existing infrastructure and offers to: 

    • Generate new revenues
    • Strengthen customer relationships
    • Increase ROI

For Merchants, MOBIbucks drives value by creating your secure cloud-based solution which leverages existing retail Point-Of-Sale infrastructure and offers to: 

    • Grow revenues and increase customer loyalty
    • Increase ROI and transparency
    • Realize opportunity to dramatically lower costs

For Wireless Operators, MOBIbucks enables you to partner with financial institutions to: 

    • Monetize installed base with new revenue opportunities
    • Differentiate your service to new customers
    • Strengthen customer relationships

For Consumers, MOBIbucks delivers an alternative to cash and credit cards which is: 

    • Safe and convenient
    • Simple
    • Secure
    • And saves money!


Why MOBIbucks?

Globe With Digital Currencies

The first central bank-sanctioned all-digital bank account in the world.

MOBIbucks is the first company to be sanctioned by a central bank for an all-digital bank account with complete and secure banking functionality.

Only MOBIbucks is able to deliver a cloud-based digital services and transaction processing platform to integrate mobile payments, marketing and loyalty programs—which leverages existing financial institution core systems and retail payment POS infrastructure.

Smart phones, smart phone app or web access is not required. Consumers only need their mobile phone number and PIN. Simple, easy and secure.



MOBIbucks and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
“We take pride in using innovation as our key business philosophy. Our partnership with Mobibucks is significant not only for providing convenience and flexibility to our customers, but also for laying the groundwork to forge ahead in the digital economy.” Ala’a Eraiqat CEO at ADCB

MOBIbucks is the power behind the first all-digital bank account initiative being deployed by ADCB, one of the United Arab Emirates’ leading banks. ADCB has a network of 172 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) across the UAE and 48 branches in the UAE as well as two branches in India. The new digital cash account simplifies and speeds the payment process, allowing bank customers with any mobile phone to conveniently pay by using their phone number and a secure PIN of their choosing.

ADCB People

Best New Mobile Payments Initiative

ADCB and MOBIbucks won best mPayment Initative award in April, 2012 for the first-of-its kind payment product for making purchases with a mobile phone number.


Comparing MOBIbucks to alternatives:

MOBIbucks Cash Credit Cards PayPal
Financial Institutions and Other Organizations
First central bank approved, all-digital currency Yes
Access the entire population (anyone with a mobile phone number) Yes Yes
Greater immediate revenue opportunities Yes
Leverage existing core systems/other infrastructure Yes
Integrated mobile payment with digital marketing and loyalty programs Yes
Lower account risk exposure Yes
Opportunity for lower merchant transaction costs Yes Yes
Ease of existing or new Point-Of-Sale integration Yes
Ease of sending mass payments Yes Yes
First central bank approved, all-digital currency Yes
Accumulates loyalty points automatically Yes Yes*
Use with any type of mobile phone Yes
Get and deposit cash at retail Point-Of-Sale Yes
Alternative to high-priced credit cards Yes Yes
Safer and more secure Yes

* Note: Credit card loyalty is based on card brand level vs. MOBIbucks solution can be based on loyalty programs of both financial institution and others.


Solution Overview 

Our cloud-based solution utilizes the consumer’s mobile phone number and secured PIN to create and access a new type of digital cash account. Our digital payments platform enables special transaction processing and balance limits to facilitate compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and state-of-the-art risk management.

Turn existing mobile phones into payment devices

MOBIbucks can be used for everyday payments, in-person and remote purchases, Person-To-Person (P2P) transfers, Government-To-Person (G2P) transfers, or Business-To-Person (B2P) transfers and eventually cross-border remittances.

Our digital payment service draws upon digital/mobile phone technology and its wide consumer penetration to provide a unique processing structure that turns the mobile phone into a payment device without requiring new phone technology

Our solution does not require special mobile phones or wireless operator permission from consumers. We provide an end-to-end cloud-based solution for banks and others.

Learn More

    • Our digital payments platform has five key elements:

    • Singular

      The same platform supports both mobile commerce and digital marketing and loyalty programs in all currencies, countries, and for all phones and all wireless networks.

    • Smart

      Our technology is agnostic and future-proof. It can easily adapt to emerging User Interface technologies (e.g., NFC, biometrics, etc.).

    • Scalable

      Our cloud-based platform can easily scale to handle new financial institutions, new wireless operators, new merchants, and new countries of expansion. The technology is architected to handle vast increases in transactions volumes.

    • Seamless

      Our platform and solutions work with your existing core systems and payment infrastructure to avoid any needed POS retrofits or other significant technology investments.

    • Secure

      Our system uses encryption and one-way hash technologies to protect consumer PINs. Developed using state-of-the-art Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodology, our platform offers multiple layers of security and risk management.

    • Learn More about how MOBIbucks works

MOBIbucks Platform Overview

MOBIbucks Platform Overview